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Meschida Philip, is a Grenadian-American filmmaker. Her current directorial work includes a short documentary on parent-child separation as a consequence of migration entitled “Scars from our Mother’s Dreams.” She obtained her MFA in film with a concentration on Documentary filmmaking from The City College of New York. She freelances as a program liaison assisting with securing and promoting CaFA throughout the Caribbean Diaspora film industry.
Meschida acts as a program liaison to Caribbean Film Academy (CaFA), and Co-founder / Head of Video and Film Production at Her Billions. In both these roles, she exercises her passion for bringing world-changing ideas to life.

Watch “Scars from our Mother’s Dreams” – https://vimeo.com/238457794 PW: Spicemas#18

Meschida Phillip on Twitter and Instagram: @meschidaphilip

Lisa Harewood is Barbadian filmmaker and video producer who has spent over 15 years making cotent for corporate and NGO clients. Her film work focusses on stories about lesser-known aspects of Caribbean culture and society. Auntie is her debut effort as a writer/director. She is also the Creative Director of the Barrel Stories Project, a transmedia exploration of the film’s themes.


Lisa on Twitter and Instagram:  @islandcinephile

Melissa Noel is an award-winning, independent multimedia journalist. She is a correspondent and host for One Caribbean Television, ABC News USVI and CBS News USVI.  Melissa produces video as well as print and online stories for several news outlets including  NBC News Digital, Huffpost, Caribbean Beat Magazine and Voices of NY.
Her work focuses on telling stories about marginalized communities, the Caribbean region and its Diaspora. Melissa’s reporting spans the United States and has taken her to Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Curaçao, Jamaica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Barbados and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines among other countries.

Award-Winning NBCNews.com series ‘Love In A Barrel’  (2017 and 2108)

Building Community Around ‘Barrel Children’ ( How I started reporting on this issue, partnerships and the creation of the Beyond The Barrel event Series)

Meet the Journalist – Melissa’s community talk at Pulitzer Center Headquarters in Washington D.C.

All of Melissa’s Pulitzer Center reporting and work in schools across America on migration impact. 

Melissa on Twitter & Instagram

Dr. Claudette- Crawford Brown is the  Jamaican sociologist that coined the term and has dedicated her more than 30 year career to focus on children and how things like migration cause impact. Her work has been crucial. There would have been no series without her work and authority on the issue. Dr. Brown is working to create a migration center that will aid families across the Caribbean.

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