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Melissa Noel

“Melissa Noel is an award-winning, independent multimedia journalist, television host and media entrepreneur.”

She is an internationally recognized Caribbean diaspora leader with proven impact at the intersections of media, sustainable travel and social advocacy. She is known for her dynamic content that consistently highlights underreported stories for outlets including,, One Caribbean TV, NBC News, Caribbean Beat Magazine, and ABC News.

Melissa’s stories on culture, race, travel, immigration, climate change and mental health, actively inform and expand the ways in which we see, discuss and cover the experiences of the African Diaspora.


Melissa Noel has reported from over 35 countries, across 4 continents and counting.

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Melissa produces quality and innovative stories, which actively inform and expand the ways in which we see and discuss the African Diaspora. In particular, her dedication to reporting stories on the Caribbean Diaspora has shown true diligence. Both written and visual components of her work exemplify her keen reporter observations and ability to go from covering issues of social justice to pop culture and the many topics in between with ease.

Amber PayneFounding Editor,

I am truly impressed by Melissa’s dedication to providing diverse and nuanced coverage of the African Diaspora. Her work surpasses the stereotypical storylines of disaster and crime. She specifically seeks out complex and underrepresented stories in order to produce dynamic coverage. Melissa’s tenacity, sharp reporting skills and passion for ensuring that her work contributes to more diverse coverage of the African diaspora, has made her a true asset to the newsrooms she contributes to as a freelance multimedia journalist.

Chandelis DusterBreaking News Reporter, CNN Politics

Melissa is an extraordinarily multi-faceted and talented journalist with an incredible work ethic and an admirable passion for storytelling, particularly about the contribution of the Diaspora. She is very good natured, unbelievably humble, exceedingly efficient, has a great attitude, and importantly, is never afraid to use her initiative to find the most compelling human stories that appeal to the soul.

Johnson JohnroseCaribbean Tourism Organization

Melissa is easily one of the hardest working, most knowledgeable people I know in news production. She is the real deal-- she shoots, edits, and writes at a skill level beyond her years. Melissa, as an on-air talent is a natural, relatable, yet authoritative delivery. She truly is an extraordinary journalist and an asset to any media organization she joins.

Krystal HymanCornerstone Jamaica

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